This is a project that I started in my Graphic Design II course with Ben Van Dyke in the Fall of 2016. The theme of the project was based off of the book Anti-Fragile and our five year plan. My first rendition of the project was inspired by a quote from Catcher and the Rye. The quote was "I'm not going to tell you my whole goddamn autobiography." One of the main theme's of the novel is the bildungsroman, that is a coming of age event. I felt this quote represented my feelings and thoughts on growing up and going through the stage of from school to your career. 

I decided to go back to the drawing board to re-design and think deeper. I decided to focus more on my overall literacy journey. I kept the quote, changed the photos into illustrations, brought in my own hand writing and quotes from my life. 


The next step of the process was to put together the installation piece for my Senior exhibition. I wanted to focus on my journey of education and literacy. I borrowed the same quote I used in the original piece, as well as quotes from my own life. I wanted to create something that was reminiscent of a bildungsroman, but from a design perspective. 

In regards to the actual installation I thought it was important to create a classroom setting so I brought in a old high school desk and some books. The books if someone were to open would find out that one is on the "golden women," that is the glass ceiling breakers, and the other was on English learning. Though that is a tiny detail that the viewer wouldn't be able to see right away, I still found it to be important piece of the whole. 

My hopes for this project was that others could see how determination can help spur other outlets of intelligence and creativity. Because of the struggles I had when I was little I was able to find my way towards a passion for reading that helped sparked imagination and creativity in me. Design eventually became my latest form of Literacy thanks to this determination.